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What I’m Packing for Our Move to Thailand

  • July 9, 2019
  • By mandywoodward
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What I’m Packing for Our Move to Thailand

Our move to Thailand is quickly approaching. It’s time to decide what to pack and what to leave behind while also taking Thailand culture and weather into consideration.


I need to down-size, because who wants to travel with a ton of luggage and be subject to extra baggage fees at the airport? Not me. My general rule is anything that does not fit under the ‘modest‘ category will stay behind – booty shorts, crop tops, skimpy dresses, spaghetti strap tops. Next, no winter attire – sweaters, heavy-weight jackets, bulky items, because there’s not enough room in my luggage and it never gets cold in Thailand? So what will I pack?

  • Workout + Athleisure: Yoga pants + shorts (Lulu),
  • Short sleeve shirts + Tank Tops
  • Cover-Ups – jean jacket, light raincoat, shaw,
  • Pants – one pair of jeans, drawstring pants, paper bag pants, dress shorts


I’m all about comfort, so the majority of my footwear will consist of flats, sandals, and sneakers. Going for that cool casual vibe. Another must-bring on my list is ankle rain boots. Thailand’s rainy season generally lasts from May/June to October so a pair of rain boots is a must. Finally, heels – but only a pair or two to have for date nights and special events and occasions.

  • Flats (Rothy’s – they’re washable, need I say more?)
  • Sandals
  • Ankle Rain Boots
  • Sneakers (Adidas, Balenciaga)
  • Heels (only 1-2 pair)

Dress how you want to be addressed. – unknown

Packing tips? Check out this post here: How to Pack a Suitcase

By mandywoodward, July 9, 2019
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